Large handlebar bags for bicycles in orange and blue mountains, black and white lightning bolts, and blue, orange, and red flowers

We are redefining adventure

It can be fun. It can be you. It can look like whatever you want it to. It can be right outside your doorstep. Don't be afraid to ditch the standard.

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Handmade products from Colorado, Made in America

Proudly made in Colorado

We are proud to be 100% designed, sourced, and made in Colorado. With suppliers and manufacturers all over the state, we believe that products should support the local economy. We are on a mission to do just that.

who are we?

Bear Goods is on a mission to redefine adventure for all. Riding your bike is so much more than the miles and metrics. It's about the people and memories along the way.

Our bright and fun patterns distinguish our no-nonsense bikepacking gear, which equips you for your everyday adventure.

Our passion for locally-made is infused in each product that is designed and handmade in Colorado.

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Our Values

Redefine Adventure

We believe that the adventure you crave is right outside your
doorstep - you don't have to travel to far away places, look a certain way, have a particular type of bike, or ride at any specific level.

Have Fun

We believe that biking should be filled with fun, friends, laughs, and lots of snacks. Let's ditch the power meters and spandex and let loose.

Local is Best

Each and every one of our
products is designed and handmade in Colorado. We believe this is a way to directly benefit our local economy and community.

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