Our Journey to Making the Best Bike Bags and Outdoor Gear

I used to hate riding bikes. A few too many bad experiences and falls had me swear it off around age 8. 
After I was gifted an old bike, my (now) husband patiently reintroduced me to the sport and I was forever hooked when I learned that it didn't always have to be about how many miles you go, rather the fun you have along the way and the challenges you can overcome. 
We loved mountain biking and slowly added gravel routes at the encouragement of friends. The long rides and ice cream stops became more and more frequent, and so did the need for something to carry all of our items in as we rode. 
No bike bag seemed to work, be practical, or look good. Backpacks were too sweaty, and spandex pockets were too small and too tight. So I set out to make something that would work for us. That's when I called my mom. 
My mom comes from a long line of talented seamstresses. My great-grandmother immigrated to New York City and worked as a seamstress and dressmaker for most of her life. My mom's incredible knowledge of sewing everything from Halloween costumes to intricate hand-smocked dresses was incredibly valuable as we started to prototype. I used my background as an engineer to find the best materials and most efficient approaches. We started testing bags on our gravel bikes and tried designs for months to find the best way to make bicycle bags. 
Our first inventory runs were sewn by my mom and I. Today, we work with Colorado seamstresses, suppliers, and print shops to bring you durable, no-nonsense, fun, and good-looking gear for your next Saturday morning ride or week long excursion.
We are extraordinarily passionate about supporting local businesses and remaining made in the United States as we grow our production from the spare bedroom to a large scale manufacturer.
We are also motivated to break down the barriers of what adventure "should" look like. Bottom line: you don't have to look a certain way or ride a certain distance to love bikes. It's about creating your own adventure and having a freakin' blast. 


With love,
La & Ma

La and Ma holding colorful handlebar bike bags smiling at one another