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Big Bolts Handlebar Bag

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Ditch the backpack and spandex pockets and choose a functional, no-nonsense bag for your handlebar to stash all you need for your ride. 

Whether it's part of a larger bikepacking system for multi-day exploration, or just for an hour, our 2.5L handlebar bag will carry more than you think. 

Choose from simple velcro straps for fast and efficient attachment or upgrade to rubberized Voile straps that are multifunctional and durable. Every bag is equipped with an elastic attachment on the bag, which connected to your stem for extra stability so that your bikepacking gear won't wobble.

We are proudly 100% designed and made in Colorado and your purchase of our bag directly supports work for seamstresses, distributors, suppliers, and designers all over Colorado. Spice up your bike life with our fun & exciting bicycle bags. 


  • Weather-resistant polyester keeps your items fresh and dry
  • 2 interior pockets for organization 
  • 1 external zippered pocket for easy access
  • Paracord zipper pulls for quiet riding 
  • Webbing with options to adjust attachment points on your handlebars 
  • Option to select rubberized Voile (TM) straps or traditional hook and loop cinch straps 
  • Elastic cord for secure attachment to bike stem for bag stability
  • 100% designed and made in Colorado

Specs, Measurements & Other Important Stuff

  • The bag measure 5.25" tall, 9.25" wide, 3.25" deep 
  • Recommend a 7" clearance between your handlebars and tire


outer + inner: 100% polyester for extreme water-resistance


The bag measure 5.25" tall, 9.25" wide, 3.25" deep 

Care Instructions

We hope your bag gets dirty!

When it does, wipe clean with water and let air dry.